Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31: 31 for 21

Today is Halloween, the last day in October, and the last day of daily blogging for 31 for 21. And let me say "whew!" I"m ready to take down the Halloween decorations and I'm ready to stop blogging everyday.

I think I've done my fair share of bringing awareness to Down syndrome. I know many of my Facebook friends were shocked when I began blogging and they realized that Harper has Down syndrome. I have received many messages about how much they love the daily blog and what a great mommy I am (no arguments there)! If I taught one person one thing about Down syndrome then my mission is accomplished.

It's been both a blessing and a struggle to blog daily. The blessing is that I'm able to put my thoughts out there and I have many readers who have "been there done that" so I don't feel so alone. The struggle has been to be creative and to have 31 posts!

My family will forever be on this Ds journey and I hope you will continue to read about it!

Happy Halloween! No costumes from us this year but here are a few pictures from Halloweens past (mostly Andy. He's better at it then I am!)


Mama Bird said...

I learned lots and looked forward to your daily blogs- thank you! I hope you are not burned out and continue to blog it up!

Laura said...

I am going to miss seeing Harper every day!