Monday, January 14, 2013

Funk, not funky.

I'm in a funk. A post-holiday funk has turned into a parenting funk, a friend funk, a wife funk, the list goes on. I'm a creature of routine.  It makes this Type A girl less crazy. But I am craving something different. Maybe I'm growing up but routine is what is killing me lately.

Take something little, like Harper's meals. They can be very "routine" and "boring." Because, let's face it. She has 2 teeth. I can't give her steak. (well I could but...) Last weekend I added in hard boiled eggs. Not allergic and she liked it. One more thing I can add to the menu for H.

My friend Tara and I dig crafts. She is able to find more time (or just stays up later than I do) and creates more than me. But we have similar tastes. And unlimited text messages bc we frequently take pics of our creations and send them to each other. This friendship has blossomed in 2012  and has helped me branch out. Even though despite her persuasions, grey will still be my favorite paint color of all time. The point of this story is that this friendship has helped me out of a "routine." Her text pictures of mustache straws or her favorite mirror she repurposed gets me out of a funk when I need it.

Isn't is amazing?
As I've gotten older and had a child, my "me time" has become sparse to none. It's a normal thing. I am selfless when it comes to Harper and that's okay. Most of the time. But as I write this, my back is aching and their is a $50 Spafinder gift card (thanks Aunt Sharon) staring at me and yelling "go get a massage Kaiti. Go on, you deserve it."  But I have yet to call the spa and make an appointment.

I feel guilty. Why do parents feel bad taking times for themselves? I know that massage will make me a better mom. How do I know this? Because I can barely play on the floor with H without needing a walker afterwards.
See me on the floor? Yeah, getting up wasn't easy! 

As I settle into 2013, I have a list of goals I want to accomplish. I plan on having some of them will go off of my routine. Hopefully creating a much funk-less 2013. Now, off to schedule my massage, get my craft on and spend some time on the floor with my kid!

Badger Basketball Game. She was over the pictures. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just as I posted about milestones.....

Go figure. I vent about milestones and Harper goes and does this for the first time! Girlfriend has her own agenda! 

Monday, January 7, 2013


I hate milestones. Scratch that. I have a love hate relationship with milestones. Harper doesn't care. I realize this is my problem. Which makes this "problem" even worse.

At 16 months Harper:

*has 2 teeth
*rolls like there is no tomorrow
*babbles.....a lot
*eats all table food. A. LOT. of table food. Has a reputation to uphold with her eating skills.
*can stand with help
*understands peek-a-boo
*tries to work an iPhone
*and the list goes on...

Notice crawling is not on that list. Or getting to sitting on her own. I can't help be antsy.

 She has just started to put weight on her feet for more than a few seconds and without bending at her waist to look at her shoes (totally my kid). 

I know the real crawling is coming soon. She can crawl. It's a non-traditional crawl. More like a slither. But she can do it. She is close she just continues to lack motivation. Needless to say, she is content. I want her to push herself but I have to remember.....she is her own person. I can't change her personality. And nor do I want to. 

This is MY problem. I need to get over this. And I know that many all moms want their child to be the greatest. This isn't a struggle that is only mine. How do you cope? How do you stop comparing? And why do we care? I know she will get there in the end.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Harper's Heart Day

One year ago today Harper had her broken heart fixed. I remember the day and the days leading up to it perfectly. This past year and made me more thankful for everything we have. A healthy family, a new house, careers, and great friends and family.

Harper and I spent the morning delivering goodies to the PICU at the American Family Children's Hospital. It's a tradition that I'm going to try to keep. Just as we pulled up to the hospital my tears started. When we entered the 4th floor I was a mess. Tears of happiness and thankfulness. I've never been so thankful to complete strangers. These people were holding their breath with us every step of the way and helping our little H become stronger. Harper didn't understand what we were doing today but she definitely brought the cuteness!

If you want a reminder of our story you can find it here. For all of those mama's who helped me through that difficult time with your prior knowledge THANK YOU! I have spent the last year trying to comfort as many moms in the same position I was in a year ago. It's a great feeling to have this heart surgery in the past.

It's a new year and my resolution is to blog more. Not just for you. But for me. It helps me. It's my "me" time and, clearly, I didn't do a lot of it this last year.

But for now, a quick review in pictures.

Now off to celebrate a happy heart!!