About me

My name is Kaiti. I'm a Wisconsin girl from head to toe. I grew up in a small town right in the smack dab middle of WI, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, and now live in Madison. I could watch the Badgers, Packers, and Brewers play everyday if possible. Ask my neighbor in college, my mom, or my husband and they will tell you that I like to try on clothes and make outfits. It drives people crazy. I can play hockey one day and wear a pair of stilettos the next. I have a potty mouth but can turn it off like a switch. My hair has been every shade of blonde, brown, red, and black.

I like:
making lists
eating fast food
watching tv (really bad tv)

I hate:
alarm clocks
working out
paying bills
walking the dog
weeding the garden
taking out the garbage
bad coffee

Whew! I can't think of anything else you need to know about me! But if you have a question just shoot me an email!

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