Special Needs

I do not claim to be a medical professional, I am far from it. However, I am going through the experience just like any other mother and am extremely fortunate to have made some fantastic connections. If you have stopped by this blog because you are also on the special needs journey then please leave me a comment or send me an email. If you are looking for specific medical answers I can only tell you what I know based on Harper's diagnosis. After Harper's diagnosis, my husband and I immediately registered with our local Down Syndrome Society. The national website is NDSS. The Madison, WI website is MADSS.

We received Harper's diagnosis of Down Syndrome and her heart defect when I was 20 weeks pregnant. The website downsyndromepregnancy.org became very supportive. Please donate toward their online book and download it for free. It is very helpful.

When I was still pregnant with Harper I was worried that when she arrived Down syndrome would be the first thing people thought about her. Boy I was wrong! Down syndrome has taken a back seat to who Harper is. Yes we are already involved with MADSS and Birth to Three; however, her spunky personality and beautiful face are what people see first. This blog and Harper are still new to my life, so yes, Ds has played a prominent role in this blogworld but I guarantee it will not always be the case. Our life is not only Ds or her heart defect. If you are having a difficult time coming to that conclusion in your own life give me an email and we can talk.

My goal for this blog is to help others like others have helped me. I hope that I can be a stopping point on your journey. If you leave me your blog address I promise to follow you too.