Saturday, November 1, 2014


This blog has seen better days, folks. I've been busy. Raising kids and all. But I've come back with good news. Big news. Exciting news.....I'm NOT pregnant.

So, about a month ago, I was, stalking, on Instagram and I came across a profile that cause a light bulb to go off in my head. What if Tara and I hosted crafting workshops? We both LOVE to craft and are always texting each other our craft project outcomes. One text from me to her asking her if she was in and everything changed. We should do this. We COULD do this. We ARE doing this.

Craftshop is a crafting workshop. We will walk you through 3 craft projects, from beginning to end. Our first session is Saturday, January 17th at 1:00. You can find more information out on our website

We are just 2 friends who met in high school and came back together a few years ago after having kids. We bonded over many many things....but Craftshop is the ultimate collaboration.

We hope you can join us!