About Us

I first met my husband, Andy in 2004. We had met through a mutual friend and while I was supposed to be studying for finals they showed up at my apartment insisting that we go out for the night. Cut to 3 years later, we were married in November of 2007. We bought our house in Madison in 2008 where we house our cat Lola (she has a very bad reputation) and our dog Brewer (aka the monster puppy). In August of 2011 we welcome Harper Alice. She arrived 3 1/2 weeks early but is a fighter from the beginning.

Andy is the Assistant Vice President of a local staffing agency and I am the director of a preschool. Our daily life is pretty eventful with trying to raise a baby while chasing after the dog, doing laundry, and working! Hopefully you can keep up with us and join in the fun!