Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ho ho ho

Christmas is here! I am too much of a perfectionist to decorate for Christmas. I love it and look forward to it every year but it's difficult for me to finish. But I promised some pics so here they are:

I used mostly silver, teal, greens and blue. I love Christmas red but I can't take it next to the everyday teal I have in my house and I don't want to redecorate my entire house. 

Harper goes to the cardiologist tomorrow. We have an echo scheduled which will probably be the last one before her surgery. Cross your fingers that all is well. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks and Thanks

I know I already posted a Thankful post. But I wanted to link you up to one of my favorite blogs. Patti is the mom of 10, yes I said 10, kids. Her youngest, Lily, has designer genes just like Harper. And she posted about this little blog on her (way popular) blog a few months ago and it got me several more followers!  I've talked about her blog before. It's kind, inspiring, and I just plain dig it. Patti is one of the good ones. Take a few minutes to check out her blog and her hard work and dedication to Reece's Rainbow. Her goal is to help as many orphans with Ds as possible to make it out of Eastern Europe orphanages.

She recently asked her readers to send in pictures of our little ones and a brief explanation of why we are thankful for them. Of course I participated and you can read my little diddy and many many others HERE.

I'm thankful for Patti and her hard work and her honesty.

Now here are a few pictures from today!

Andy and Niko playing wrestling. If you know Andy you know this made his year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have a lot to be thankful this year. Last year at this time I was wishing, hoping, and praying for a baby. Little did I know that a few months later and I would be carrying one! I could extend this post into a long and sappy post. But honestly I don't have it in me. I'm already crying at the word "surgery" so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.  I'm thankful for a lot of things and a lot of people. The bottom line is that I"m thankful for Andy and Harper. Without the two of them this last year would have been completely different. I am THANKful for this:

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4 wonderful years

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Even though today was not the most romantic day dealing with a sick little Harper, it still makes me think about our special day.

It rained. It snowed.

There were fireworks.

There was cake (delicious and beautiful)

It was magical.

We have been together for 7 years. Married for 4. Parents for 3 months. Of course it hasn't all been easy. But what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. And we are pretty damn strong.

This may be the one and only post that Andy reads so I have to make it good.

Dear Andy:

You are:

kind, loyal, cute, funny (sometimes), not very handy, a good daddy, a good grocery shopper, and the man of the house.

A good friend. 

A good dancer. 

I may be a bit dramatic but...

 I love you. Happy anniversary. You are stuck with me.

All pictures are courtesy of A and A Photography. Loved them. You should use them if you are in Wisconsin. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Disability Scoop

My mom, the special education aficionado, found the website www.disabilityscoop.com. I've signed up for email updates. This is my little plug for an informational website.


This website is great. It has links to tons of articles. Do you watch Glee? The actress who plays Becky has Ds and has been picked from Obama to be a part of his Disability Committee. There is also an article about Monica and David who are married and have Ds. And about life in college for someone with Ds. So many great heartwarming stories to make you remember that someone with Ds is just like anyone else.

The exciting news is that the UN is trying to officially recognize World Down Syndrome Day starting in 2012. World Down Syndrome Day is March 21 or 3.21. This day is created to raise awareness of Down Syndrome.

If you are interested make sure you sign up to receive their updates!

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't give you a Harper picture!

Monday, November 14, 2011


The word bliss has been on the tip of my tongue lately. I've been waiting for the perfect time to use it. Sunday was that day. Bliss is knowing that others love my daughter almost as much as Andy and I.

Auntie/Godmother Dajen

Uncle/Godfather Jeffy and Auntie Dajen

Grandma and Grandpa O'Connell

 Grandpa and Nana Schaefgen

Grandpa and Grandma Bohacek

Uncle Greg and Auntie Colleen

Bliss is good food, good company, and a cute nephew who loves to ham it up for the camera. 

Bliss is adult beverages and baby formula. When did this happen?!

Bliss is finally being able to decorate with pink and say it's for someone else (the pink was secretly for me)

Bliss is the perfect dress for the perfect baby girl. 

To die for right?

Sunday was a blissful serene day. I shed no tears. I expected to. But I know that Harper is well taken care of and that she will come out of her surgery a better Harper. A more blissful Harper. A healthier Harper. But still my Harper Alice. 

Too cute for words.

Thank you to all who came to Harper's baptism. We love and appreciate you.