Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks and Thanks

I know I already posted a Thankful post. But I wanted to link you up to one of my favorite blogs. Patti is the mom of 10, yes I said 10, kids. Her youngest, Lily, has designer genes just like Harper. And she posted about this little blog on her (way popular) blog a few months ago and it got me several more followers!  I've talked about her blog before. It's kind, inspiring, and I just plain dig it. Patti is one of the good ones. Take a few minutes to check out her blog and her hard work and dedication to Reece's Rainbow. Her goal is to help as many orphans with Ds as possible to make it out of Eastern Europe orphanages.

She recently asked her readers to send in pictures of our little ones and a brief explanation of why we are thankful for them. Of course I participated and you can read my little diddy and many many others HERE.

I'm thankful for Patti and her hard work and her honesty.

Now here are a few pictures from today!

Andy and Niko playing wrestling. If you know Andy you know this made his year.

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