Monday, January 7, 2013


I hate milestones. Scratch that. I have a love hate relationship with milestones. Harper doesn't care. I realize this is my problem. Which makes this "problem" even worse.

At 16 months Harper:

*has 2 teeth
*rolls like there is no tomorrow
*babbles.....a lot
*eats all table food. A. LOT. of table food. Has a reputation to uphold with her eating skills.
*can stand with help
*understands peek-a-boo
*tries to work an iPhone
*and the list goes on...

Notice crawling is not on that list. Or getting to sitting on her own. I can't help be antsy.

 She has just started to put weight on her feet for more than a few seconds and without bending at her waist to look at her shoes (totally my kid). 

I know the real crawling is coming soon. She can crawl. It's a non-traditional crawl. More like a slither. But she can do it. She is close she just continues to lack motivation. Needless to say, she is content. I want her to push herself but I have to remember.....she is her own person. I can't change her personality. And nor do I want to. 

This is MY problem. I need to get over this. And I know that many all moms want their child to be the greatest. This isn't a struggle that is only mine. How do you cope? How do you stop comparing? And why do we care? I know she will get there in the end.


Mama Bird said...

You fail to mention that you are a Scorpio, and a parent...a Scorpio parent. Making you even more "pushy" and eager for those milestones to be met. Luckily, you are also fiercely loyal and will do anything for your child. She will get there, and so will you:)

Simply, Sarah said...

She will get there.
It sounds like Harper is doing great!

I feel the same way about some of the "milestones" that Anthony has or has not reached. When he reaches one though, I tell EVERYONE about it. I only hope they can understand how exciting it is to have my son learn or discover something new.