Friday, January 4, 2013

Harper's Heart Day

One year ago today Harper had her broken heart fixed. I remember the day and the days leading up to it perfectly. This past year and made me more thankful for everything we have. A healthy family, a new house, careers, and great friends and family.

Harper and I spent the morning delivering goodies to the PICU at the American Family Children's Hospital. It's a tradition that I'm going to try to keep. Just as we pulled up to the hospital my tears started. When we entered the 4th floor I was a mess. Tears of happiness and thankfulness. I've never been so thankful to complete strangers. These people were holding their breath with us every step of the way and helping our little H become stronger. Harper didn't understand what we were doing today but she definitely brought the cuteness!

If you want a reminder of our story you can find it here. For all of those mama's who helped me through that difficult time with your prior knowledge THANK YOU! I have spent the last year trying to comfort as many moms in the same position I was in a year ago. It's a great feeling to have this heart surgery in the past.

It's a new year and my resolution is to blog more. Not just for you. But for me. It helps me. It's my "me" time and, clearly, I didn't do a lot of it this last year.

But for now, a quick review in pictures.

Now off to celebrate a happy heart!!


Heidi Marie said...

Happy Heart Day Harper! You are perfect! :)

Mama Bird said...

I remember holding my breathe for you too one year ago. Turns out I didn't need to, Harper is a rockstar! So happy that you and H are in my life!

Holly. said...

So happy for you and your little family. Happy Heart Day to Harper!!