Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18: short and sweet

I'm not feeling well today. I blame it on lack of sleep last night and not eating very healthy... Hello Oreo Truffles!

So, here is the Oreo Truffle Recipe. Sorry no pics. But they are amazing! Right Dajen?!

1 pack of Oreo's, crumbled
1 package of cream cheese
White chocolate to melt

Crumble Oreos. Mix entire package of cream cheese into crumbled Oreos. Form into balls and place on cookie sheet and put in refrigerator for 1 hour (or freezer for 15 if u can't wait likewise). Melt white chocolate. Microwave and stir every 15 seconds. Dip Oreo balls into melted white chocolate. Place back on cookie sheet and place in refrigerator (or freezer) to harden.

Super easy. Feel free to decorate or color the chocolate. You can definitely get creative!

Enjoy! I challenge you to eat only one!

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