Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6: They grow up so fast!

There are days that I spend all day with Harper but yet, at the end of the day, I feel like I haven't seen her at all. Anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me? Right now, I'm staring at her round little face, her pierced lips, and her pink elephant pjs and I wondering "where did the day go?" I spent all day with her. I probably wasn't with her a total of 20-30 minutes all day.

I've heard this many times in her short little life. From the lady at Target, "Don't blink because when you open your eyes she will be 14." Or from the guy walking into the restaurant before me, "Before you know it she will be walking." I believe them. I'm just in denial. I don't want my baby to grow up too fast. And then I have days like today where I feel I haven't seen her at all.

The girl is wearing giraffe print with the legs of a frog! 

Fall is here and it makes me antsy. I want to roam through a corn maze, pick out the best pumpkin, drink apple cider, and light a candle (it reached 78 in Madison today). And this year I want to do it all with Harper in tow. I know she will not have any idea of what is going on which makes me long for the day she will. I can't wait for her to run through the corn maze with me and to help pick out the best pumpkin for carving. Our day will come. And I will welcome it with open arms. But until then I will cherish everyday I have with Harper and try to remember every minute of it!

Pretty sure she is sick of me taking pictures of her on my phone! 

While girls week was fun it's time for daddy to come back. We both miss him but mommy is TIRED!  

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Vanessa said...

Great post! I didn't feel like C was growing up fast until 6 months. Then, all these milestones came along. And now that she's 10 months, I can see my little baby slipping away. Most of the time, I'm OK with that (because I want to guide her through corn mazes, too!). But the times I'm not, I think, "This is why people have more than one of these things!" Hugs to you!!