Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Keep it simple stupid

Yesterday's post was long winded. I'm not up for that today. So, I'm keeping it simple.

The hat is not so simple but super adorable! 

It's just me and Harper this week. Andy is out of town on work. Actually, I lied. Brewer is here too. He is making sure we are safe:

It's too bad he can't help with feedings or diaper changes. That sure would help a new mama out! 

Happy Tuesday! And thanks for all of the wonderful comments on yesterdays post. I appreciate it and feel validated! 

P.S. IF you are a burglar looking to burglar my house (and reading this blog) because I said my husband is gone....think ahead. I'm vicious with a hockey stick! 


Holly. said...

ADORABLE picture of Harper! Enjoy girls week!

Karrie said...

I LOVE the hat! I have a few of them too where the bow or flower is literally bigger than our Madi's head!!!