Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: DIY success?

I like to think I'm crafty. I am not afraid to try something while decorating my house. And I can wield a paint brush like Aaron Rodgers can throw a football. I'm amazing (nothing like tooting my own horn!) I spent a few summers in college painting classrooms for a nearby school district. The upside of this is when it came time to painting my own house I knew I could easily do it. This weekend I implemented what I have been wanting to do for months. Stencil. Not your mom's 1990's stencil. A chic modern stencil. Like this one on Pinterest.

I wanted to do this a few months ago but I was still pregnant and well lazy and wasn't about to start a big project like this until after I had the baby. I found a free stencil online and printed it off. I take absolutely no credit for the creation of this idea. And her implementation is way better then mine! Eventually, I want to paint the stencil on the wall the TV is on:

I still enjoy the stripe but a modern patten would be even more enjoyable 

But that wall seemed like too big of a commitment for a something I wasn't sure I would like. Solution? The entryway. It's small and already painted aqua so I could paint the stencil in gray. Genius! Disclaimer: The entryway is small. The aqua photographs REALLY aqua. It's not that bright in real life. And, don't look too close because the patten gets a little wonky in places but the overall effect is great. 


During. I started tracing the stencil with a pencil and then switched to a chalk marker because I could wash it off after the paint dried. 


 Close up

I know I didn't go into detail with instructions. If you want them go see the pro do it here.  The plan is to finish the entryway (with a steadier hand), finish the TV wall, and then some sort of backsplash pattern. 

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Mama Bird said...

Oh, love it! Might have to copy it!