Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16: Hi, I'm Harper

Hi, I'm Harper.

 I know how cute I am! 

Here are a few things about me that you may not know:

I have dark blue eyes. Mommy and daddy both have green eyes so I'm not sure where they came from!

I look like mommy! Sorry daddy!

Some children with Ds have crooked pinky fingers. Mommy thinks mine are super cute.

When I sleep my nose gets stuffy because people with Ds have smaller nasal passages. So at 4:00 am (pretty much every day) mommy has to get my boogies out so I can sleep.

I smile a lot when I'm sleeping. I'm dreaming about cupcakes, unicorns, pumpkin patches, and cute boys.

I'm getting better at holding my head up. I'm really good at it when I'm laying on daddy's chest.

Mommy didn't have any pictures of me on my tummy with daddy so this is as good as it's going to get! 

I don't like to burp. But lately I like to throw up on mommy after I'm done eating. On second thought, maybe I should like to burp.

I love my swaddle. I mean I really LOVE my swaddle.

I don't mind Brewer and Lola. Lola leaves me alone and Brewer tries to sniff me every once in awhile. But I know he is protecting me.

So that's about it about me! Thanks for reading!


Vanessa said...

She is so pretty! And how cute is that bear hat?! Wishing you both lots of rest.

Heidi Ehle said...

I love Liddy's crooked pinkies too. :)
Welcome to the world Miss Harper! I can see you're already getting geared up to take it on!