Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22: Laid back Saturday

It's Saturday night. The dog is sleeping. The baby is sleeping. In her crib. I am tempting to try letting her sleep there all night. I don't think mommy is ready for that though. Badger game is the game of the week. Andy has a Guiness. I have a New Glarus Apple Ale. Tonight is delightful.


A delicious Wisconsin beer. Seriously, it's delicious. 

Today was a fun and laid back day. We had visitors! My friend Carrie and her family (Wayne, Leo, and Maya) came to visit Harper for the first time. They had lots of cuddle time with little H!  My parents came to visit and they brought early birthday presents. Which I appreciate. I am calm about my upcoming birthday. I am excited to turn 30. I feel that I finally fit my age. Especially now that I'm a mom it only seems right that I'm 30. Or going to be on the 4th (hint hint I take presents...just kidding. Kinda.)

My mom and I went shopping. JCPenney is my new favorite store. I haven't been there in years but I"m hitting up the sales and am going to be dressed like a new woman at work! 

Harper, as always, got presents too. Cute outfits that she can show off at school when we go back on Wednesday. We will make a quick stop on Monday for picture day. We all know how much Harper likes a photo shoot! 

I couldn't resist giving you a reminder! 

My parents reminded me that Harper is growing like a weed. I already knew that but they reiterated that. I'm excited to see her grow. I want to see chubby thighs and arms.

Enough about my Saturday. It's time to focus on the Badger game.  Did anyone do anything fun? 

Go Badgers!  

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Heidi Ehle said...

As someone who has watched 30 come...and go, I can tell you that it's not so bad. Thirty was actually one of my favorite years! And you had better believe that I wore a tiara EVERYWHERE the entire day OF my thirtieth, even to work! lol
Enjoy it! And remember, age truly IS just a number!