Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8: Delegation

I try to delegate. Try being the key word. I am a control freak. A typical Type A personality. I want things to be my way and the way I want it. I'm not very good at delegating. I'm better at it at work than I am at home. But before Harper was born I delegated grocery shopping to Andy. He's good at it, he likes to spend money, and he is more patient than I am. However, he strays off the list more then I would like but he is still pretty good at it.

When it comes to Harper I have delegated bath time. I participated in the first few but it's Andy's gig. He likes it. Bath time is Andy's domain. And he can have it. 

Tiny girl. Big bath tub. 

Girls got a belly!!

I stenciled the entryway today. Ok well, I stenciled one wall of the entryway today. I plan on posting about that soon. But it will have to wait because I am going to have my first drink today since January! Just one glass of wine.....only one! 

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Simply, Sarah said...

She looks just like a doll. :)