Sunday, October 2, 2011

Party like a rockstar!

Today is Day 2 of "31 for 21" and I had a full post already written this morning. But found it to be too serious for what I am proclaiming "SUNDAY FUNDAY!" It should actually be "FANTASTIC WEEKEND" but nothing rhymes with weekend!

The reasons why this week has been fantastic:

1. We celebrated Mia's 1st birthday! Anytime I can see Mia and my nephew Niko makes me happy. But yesterday was especially special because Harper was with.

Obviously Mia isn't quite sure about Harper yet.

Yep, that's his hand on my leg! Made me tear up. He is awesome! And yes, he's a pro a the iPad!

2. The Brewers won! For you non-Wisconsin residents I apologize in advance because this list is going to be Wisconsin heavy. I have been following the Brewers like crazy this year and am so excited for the playoffs it's kinda ridiculous.

Need proof? Our dog is named Brewer. 

3. My alma mater, University of Wisconsin, creamed, and I mean creamed, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I am equally as excited for the Badgers this year but with a 7:15 kick off time I admit that I did miss some of the game. I closed my eyes and accidentally fell asleep!

She is wearing the Badger hat the hospital gave her! 

4.  Today the Brewers and the Packers the same time. I'm not quite sure how we will make that work yet but I'm still excited!

This is from last Christmas but make believe it's recent! The only difference: my hair is longer now! 

Thank you to all of my followers. I've had many compliments on the blog this weekend. I promise I will not let them go to my head! I plan to just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that you continue to keep up with me!

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Colleen said...

Stopping by to say HI! Found you on 31 for 21 and saw you are from WI too. We are waiting on the arrival of baby #4 whom has been given a 1:32 chance of having Down Syndrome. We'll know in 12 weeks, due Christmas :)! Harper is gorgeous, congrats!