Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: Oh so tired

All parents know the feeling. Sleepy. Exhausted. Tired. Spent. Harper isn't even a bad sleeper. She's a great sleeper. My mind is making me more tired then I should be. I'm running a constant "To Do" list in my mind. Harper, work, Andy, Brewer, Lola, Harper, work, Andy, Brewer, Lola...repeat. Throw in pay bills, eat, sleep, coffee, shower.

So, once again, I apologize for this lacking post. The link I'm going to give you isn't lacking in substance. It's a great piece. I'm just lacking the energy to dissect it for you. 

I found this article because we are registered with MADSS or the Madison Area Down Syndrome Society. I received an emailed newsletter and it always has interesting information, events, and links. Even a shout out to this little blog! I can't even take credit for the following link because I took stole is from the MADSS newsletter. 

Here it is....enjoy!

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