Friday, January 6, 2012

Post Op Day 2

We have been at AFCH for 3 days but today H is post of day 2 and doing......great! She gave me a little bit of a panic attack last night when I noticed her breathing was funny. I told the nurse who listened to her lungs and realized that something was off. An x-ray was ordered and low and behold she had a minor (very minor) part of her left lung collapsed but with a lot of fluid or wetness. The solution: to put her on hi-flow oxygen to help inflate that part of her lung and to get her to cough or cry. Or basically to make mama cry. I know that the crying and coughing is key in getting the yucky stuff out of her lung but it makes me sad that I can't help her because I make things worse. 

I went to bed (in the sleep room) knowing that H was in good care with her nurse Lindsay and daddy in the room. This morning she is doing just fine and has definitely won the hearts of all the nurses and doctors on the floor. Morning rounds are our favorite time because I get to hear how great she is doing and how much they like love her. 

Yesterday they were able to take her catheter out and they took her breathing tube out. Making H a happy happy camper! 

We even got to hold the little peanut and started her on pedialyte last night and formula this morning. Both of which she is excited to have back in her life. Girlfriend is chugging the formula like there is no tomorrow. Forget asking her to stop and cough in-between. She won't have it!

The chest tubes are out!! They started by just switching the chest tube to a bulb but once she ate and proved that there was no leakage they decided it was time to come out. Cue mama and daddy and grandpa and nana to go to the cafeteria!! Tomorrow should be the day for the  pacer wires (just a precaution) and a few other things. It is tentatively looking like we will be home on Monday.

 I can't say enough about how supportive our friends and family have been. We are so blessed to have this surgery done in our hometown. I know many mama out there in bloggy land that had to drive an hour or two away from home. Our family had to travel to see us so their time here is limited but much appreciated. Our friends in Madison have kicked butt! Thank you Kristin and Georgia for your constant support and ongoing love for Harper. It is evident that your love for her is real and that melts this mama's heart. And Miss Tara, well the pics and blanket are amazing and H obviously felt comfy enough to "let it rip" in front of you!

Send some sugar Harper's way but also for her new friend Charlotte who we met on Facebook and had the same surgery done on Tuesday. We are keeping up with her on Facebook and are happy to report that she was just downgraded from the PICU! Yay Miss C! 

p.s. with all the sleeping H has been doing I have been online obsession: Toms shoes. check out the glitter ones I bought!! I know random tidbit but come on when you buy a pair of shoes a child gets a pair for free!


Mama Bird said...

No prob, dude. So happy to see that little sweetheart today:) Ok, so now you have me looking at the TOMs. I am thinking the black and white Morocco ones? What do you think?

Heidi Ehle said...

I am so very excited....Counting the days until you get to bring your rockstar home..... :)

Sarah said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Prayers that you will definitely be home this upcoming week! Pulling for Harper!!!

Holly said...

Kaiti, Andy and Harper, Our prayers are with you. Your blog is beautiful, Kaiti - you both are wonderful parents. We look forward to meeting Harper. Love and hugs to all of you! Zach, Holly, Maddie & Lily