Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playdate, doctor, shingles?

I'm making the most of my last full week with Harper before I go back to work and she goes back to school. Playdates, doctor appointment, photo shoot, crafting, shingles, and hanging out with mom. New shingles for the house? Nope...that mama has shingles (more info to come).

Harper had a fun play date with Sully on Monday. Sully is: older, wiser, a professional walker, good at sharing his thumbs, and an expert at eating Cheerios.

See? Expert at sharing thumbs

Boyfriend material

Harper had a scheduled post op with her pediatrician on Tuesday. Basically just to make sure she was gaining weight, no murmur, and just overall cute. She passed with flying colors and now weighs 9 lbs 14 ounces! Don't bother doing the math, I did it for you....that's an ounce a day since discharge! Holy moly girlfriend is growing.   

Before I know it she will be going to prom, talking to boys on the phone, and having sleepovers. I've joined many Ds Facebook pages lately and am so excited to be "meeting" parents with older children who have Down syndrome. I smile when I see prom pictures, wedding pictures, and graduation pictures. Some day, my dear, your dreams will come true.

If you are my friend on Facebook (if not please send me a request) you know that I have Shingles. Yep, I'm 30 and I have Shingles. I have to give Tara (also Sully's mom) a big SHOUT OUT for diagnosing me---via text message. See, Tara is a rash professional. I should have showed her on Monday but seriously my rash wasn't really bothersome then. For the record, it's on my upper back. I also have been feeling really achy and sick lately but not nauseous (nor pregnant get your mind out of the gutter). I attributed it to not sleeping well and being stressed out for the past month 4 months. 

Long story short...I texted Tara, she texted back that I needed to Google Shingles. I did. Called the dr. and made sure to say that H had OHS so I could get an appt ASAP. In at 3 out at 3:30 and had numerous nurses stop in to see the 30 year old with the 65 year olds disease.

It's painful, annoying, and really I have better things to worry about but it is my body telling me to ease up so ease up I must. I have nothing scheduled until work next Wednesday (c'mon Mary have that baby!)

If you were paying attention I mentioned a photo shoot above. I will have more info about a fantastic organization called Inspiration Through Art later. But for now, I am going to make you wait!

Enjoy your day and wash your hands!

No smiling allowed when modeling


Mama Bird said...

Yeah, I am still feeling like a smarty pants for diagnosing you via text. You poor thing, just goes to show just how stressed you have been lately:(

V said...

Harper is the cutest! I love it when you post close-ups of her pretty face. P.S. Erik had shingles once, too!

Laura said...

Feel better soon! I have to say that Harper is just the cutest!