Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 3 and 4 Post Op

Day 3 was Saturday. Man that took me 15 seconds to determine if yesterday was Saturday or not! Time slows down when you are in a hospital.

Day 3 was pretty uneventful. Harper did get her hi-flow oxygen reduced and eventually taken out. She also ripped an IV out of her hand! Besides that it was pretty uneventful. We found out that her heart rate would spike when eating. Dr. A wasn't too worried about it because she only does it when she eats! Girlfriend is excited for her bottle! And then her heart rate would dip low while she slept, making for a happy sleeping baby. Her lung improved a lot by lots of coughing, crying (sadface), and the awesome respitory therapists that helped H get the gunk out.

I was so tired from the night before that I passed out on the couch at 8:30 and made it to the sleep room by 10. The sleep room is the best thing this hospital could have done for parents in the PICU.

Speaking of parents in the PICU. There are none. There are at least 15 rooms on the floor and I have seen 3 other rooms with parents in them. Isn't that weird? Or are we weird for both of us staying over every single night? I feel guilty leaving her to go to the cafeteria.

Day 4 was great. I came in to find H without oxygen and in real clothes! Harper got her pacer wires out early in the morning and they taught me how to take care of the incision site. She pulled out another IV last night and sometime today ripped her blood pressure cuff. Her nurses just laugh at her! She really is melting hearts over here. Her favorite nurse, Ashton, has been with us for 2 full days and her and H are attached. I even cried saying goodbye to her.

If all goes well tonight and the Echo goes well tomorrow then all the doctors have to do is sign our discharge papers and we our outta here! It's been an emotional 5 days (ok 7 months) and I am grateful for the care we have received but the only time I want to step foot in this place is for follow ups!

Below are lots of pics!


Heidi Ehle said...

So very glad that the worst is over and praying hard that tomorrow you will be heading home!!! :)
Hallelujah! The end is near.....

My Little Wonders said...

Saying prayers that you will be heading home tomorrow and Harper continues to get stronger and stronger. :)

Summit of Glory said...

Great news! Brings back so many memories of my guy hospitl dventures almost 4 years ago. Can't wait to hear you have pulled into your own driveway w Harper by your side. xoxoxoxoxoxo