Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home and Paying it Forward

Someone is happy we are home

Yesterday (Tuesday) was out first full day home-it was magical. Andy and I were happy, giddy in fact. We don't fight much but the week leading up to H's surgery neither one of us was happy or that nice to each other. Chalk it up to nerves and always taking it out on the person you love. I woke up yesterday morning to a full pot of coffee and an overwhelming feeling that my family is mine and if this didn't tear us apart nothing will! We always had plans for the future but H's damn surgery was a speed bump.

How is Harper holding up? She is great! I gave her Tylenol twice yesterday for what I think was pain. She never cries or gets fussy so I am chalking that up to pain/discomfort. At the hospital she never really moved besides someone holding her or laying in the bed so I think being home and moving from rocker, bed, arms, boppy, crib is making her a bit more uncomfortable. And yes, I'm not picking up her from under her arms!

If you have read my recent blog posts then you know my goal is to Pay it Forward. I had an incredible amount of support from other Ds and OHS mama's that now it is my turn to help the others who will be walking in my footsteps. I have referred many of you to Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things. She has a huge blog following and is definitely an inspiration to many, me included. Her life seems so laid back while stylish and normal at the same time. Her daughter Nella has Down syndrome and she turns 2 in a few weeks and Kelle is also trying to pay it forward.  Go to her recent blog post and read it, donate if you can but read it and pass it along. Go to this blog if only for the pictures. I promise you that you will not be able to read only one post. It's captivating. Not only will it hopefully raise money for Nella's fund but it will also create awareness about Down syndrome, the ultimate goal of this blog. 

THANK YOU for being supporters of mine but also for Harper Alice. 

First morning at home in our normal spot. 

Early bedtime with Sophie the Giraffe and Lola "protecting" us.

Our little angel is home, healthy, and happy. 

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Summit of Glory said...

Thrilled that you are home at last. Isn't it amazing that the only pain med's they are on post-op is Tylenol! Love me some Kelle Hampton..........she is truly making it easier for so many. Enjoy your baby home safe & sound. xoxo