Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5 Post Op

I am writing this as I sit at home with my family. I'm in pjs on the couch and I can see everyone I love.....Andy, Brewer (doggie), Lola (kitty cat), and Harper. I'm a happy mama. Harper's heart is fixed and my heart is content. Now I get to be a regular mom and worry about normal stuff. Like when to start cereal, jar food, and boys (actually Andy can worry about boys).

Today was great. Harper slept the entire night at the hospital. The nurse let her and so did I! Early this morning the doctor's did rounds and were so impressed with little Miss H. As soon as the Echo was done we could go home. Well the Echo showed a minor leak and I have been reassured by many doctors that this is normal and that with age and time it will diminish. After all, she did just have OHS and the heart needs time to remodel itself. Strangely enough, the leak diminished while she was eating....odd but I'll take it. The solution is to keep her on Enalapril and keep checking on it every month. Not a big deal.

We were home by 1:45 and it was blissful.

I'm glad this process is over and behind us. We did good. Real good. Harper was...well amazing. She barely fussed the entire time and just went with the flow. Proving that she is indeed the Best Baby Ever.

Now it's my turn to pay it forward. Not only repaying you all for the numerous prayers that were sent her way but to help other mama's prepare for their little darlings Heart Day. I have officially joined the OHS Mama Survival Club. While it's scary on the outside it's blissful on the inside.

If you've made it here because you are a mama with a baby who will need OHS and/or has Ds, send me an email. I have lots of advice and it's my turn to pay it forward.

Never again will her name be seen in the PICU 

 Lunch from Ronald McDonald House...super sweet

He's exhausted but happy to see us

Home Sweet Home...with Sophie the Giraffe


Laura said...

Yay! So happy to read that Harper is home. Ben also had a small leak and now, 8 months later, it is gone. Ben was crabby for a couple weeks after his surgery but then he blossomed reaching all sorts of new milestones. It helps having an efficient working heart!

Sarah said...

So glad to hear that you guys are home and doing well. Continued prayers for Harper's speedy recovery!