Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moving forward....and sideways

Wednesday, January 4th at 5:00 pm I realized that hubby and I could move forward....with a healthy Harper. Yes, she was just out of surgery and we had no idea what her recovery would be like or when we would even be able to leave the hospital BUT...I felt the momentum to move forward. 

Being loved on my Emersyn and Weston

Our daughter, all 9 lbs and 4 ounces of her (at the time), was healed. No more will I stare at her chest watching her heart beat super fast and wonder. Wonder when she would start turning blue or wonder what if. The planning stage had begun. The night of her surgery Andy and I stayed in her room with her and talked about our future. We had always talked about our future with Harper but now it was really going to happen. First birthday party ideas, change the office to a playroom, sell our house, buy a new house. These are the plans. Will we stray off? I bet. As long as Harper, Andy, Brewer, and even Lola are by my side....then I'm ok with that. 

Harper is moving sideways. Or trying to ROLL! Yep, that's right, she is almost rolling over. Silly girl still isn't holding her own head up 100% but she has decided that it will be easier to roll over! She hasn't done a complete roll....yet. I fear I'll leave the room for a second to find her on her belly! I don't want to miss it but I know that she is moving forward with us... by starting off sideways.

She just has to move that arm and she will be a rolling!

Most of the steri-strips are off!

Big girl in the exersaucer


Mama Bird said...

She must be saving her rolling debut for Sully;) We are still on for tomorrow, right?

Heidi Ehle said...

If your daughter is even a tiny bit like mine, she will purposefully practice while you are out of the room. lol I think I had went almost two weeks of THINKING maybe she could roll around but never once would she do it in front of me. It was more that I'd leave her in one spot and run into another room and come back to find her in another spot. I was really confused lol Then one day I walked out and stood in the doorway, only to find her expertly rolling across the room by herself! :)
Have so much fun! So happy that all is well in your household!

Kat Kimling said...

Harper could not be any cuter. Your blog about your baby girl is wonderful and Always brings a smile to my face. Thanks for Sharing!