Sunday, December 18, 2011

one week two santas and a baby

I love Santa. I always have and this year I love him more. I understand that Harper doesn't care quite yet about the big guy in red but I do and the traditions start NOW!

At school we had a holiday program that included all the students in school from the infants to the school agers. Cue first Christmas outfit complete with tutu while sitting on Santa/daddy's lap.

I also love to bake. But this year I don't have the time (aka energy) to bake a ton. So it's been very limited around here. Until I whipped up a batch of yummy mint chocolate cookies!

Then Saturday was Christmas in Waukesha. This celebration was complete with the girls in matching outfits, a visit from Santa, and of course the new/old favorite wrestling game.

This week not only marks the week before my daughter's first Christmas but it also is the first week Harper is on house arrest. People can come in (germ free) but baby girl stays put. Today was a hard day. She didn't get to come to work/daycare with me. I felt like all those other moms who drop off their babies in my care and go off to their job. Honestly, I hated it. I didn't realize how much I thought about her every day because I could always walk down their hall and squeeze her. What a perk and blessing to have Harper at work/school with me (not to mention the 80% off!)

My girl is getting so big. Laughing, smiling and almost holding her head up all the time. I have to keep in mind that yes she will be 4 months next week but she is also considered a premie and should have spent 3 more weeks in my tummy.

And of course we fit in an impromptu photo shoot. Baby girl has style.


V said...

She is beyond adorable. Merry Christmas!

stickfgr21 said...

Can't wait to spend time with that cutie & the family!