Monday, December 26, 2011

Harpers First Christmas

Christmas came and went. It was magical. I realize that Harper will never remember the day but I will and it was my baby's first Christmas. We slept in holiday pjs,  opened presents by the tree, drank coffee out of holiday mugs, and waited for company to arrive. I was tempted to leave our reindeer food and cookies for Santa but that would have been more for me than for Harper. Next year, my dear we will begin/expand on holiday traditions.

Organized chaos

No pouting on Christmas

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve

The day was bittersweet. Little H's first Christmas day, lots of family visiting, and awesome gifts. But it was the day that was keeping my mind off of the impending surgery. I hosted Christmas this year and was able to focus on decorating, cooking, and cleaning for company. Not focused on what will happen Jan 4th. 

The day is gone and my thoughts are not on my last 4 days of work or un-decorating my house. Those are just things I do to fill time. 

But for now......Christmas pics and we'll talk surgery later. 

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