Monday, September 19, 2011

This weekend

This weekend was fairly uneventful and that's exactly what we wanted and needed. We (ok Harper) had visitors on Saturday-my parents, Val, her daughter Rosa, and my Uncle Dan. Sorry no pics I was really tired Saturday morning! But I did order the pictures from my friend Kristin took. If you are not on Facebook then you have really been missing out on Harper's pictures!

Saturday night we helped celebrate Weston's 1st birthday! His mom, Kristin, is a good friend of mine and the one who took the pictures! I can't believe he is 1 and walking like he has for years! When Kristin's daughter, Emersyn, turned 1 I was lucky enough to help make her Dr. Seuss birthday cake.

I'm still proud of this cake!

So when Kristin told me she was making cake pop's for Weston's birthday of course I offered to help! I had made them before but Kristin is definitely better at piping then I am! Harper and I went over to Kristin's on Friday night to help make baseball cake pops.

For specific directions on how to make cake pops just give me an email and I'd be happy to help! But they are easier then they look! While Kristin and I were busy decorating, Emersyn offered to watch Harper:

There is something heartwarming about your friends and their children loving your own child. I ADORE Emersyn and Weston and now knowing that Emersyn loves Harper my heart just melts! Emersyn first met Harper while we were still in the hospital and understandably it was a bit overwhelming but the last 3 times they have seen each other, Emersyn has become more infatuated with Harper. 

Saturday was Weston's party and boy did he have fun! And Harper loved being passed around!

Sunday started with both myself and Andy on the couch watching football. And ended with the both of us in bed...watching football! I did have a productive Sunday and redid our gallery wall in our living room (will be posted later!).

Enjoy the pictures and the warm weather!


April Vernon said...

That Dr. Seuss cake is AMAZING! We are big Dr. Seuss fans at our house! My 3 year old has a Cat in the Hat bedroom.

Heather said...

BTW - Harper is the name of one of my favorite authors - Harper Lee, who wrote "To Kill A Mockingbird"....

I'm sure YOUR Harper has as much to teach us as well. :)