Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Due Date Day!

Today was my due date. Last Thursday was my scheduled C-Section. But I already have my baby. She is 3 weeks and 2 days old. And I adore her! Before Harper was born I searched the blog world for other families who have children with Down syndrome and a heart defect. I found a few but not many. Now that Harper has arrived and my blog has been out (even though I only have 7 followers...ahem FOLLOW ME and make others follow me!) I have become acquainted with more women who share my story. For those women who have shared emails of support and love, I thank you. I've said from the beginning that the diagnosis of Ds doesn't scare me, and it still doesn't. I look at Harper and very rarely do I see Ds. But I do look at her and obsess, and I mean OBSESS, about her heart. But a wise woman who has "been there done that" twice with her own children, told me that she is "not a ticking time bomb" and that she is "NOT going to fade away in front of your eyes." Two things I was deathly afraid of. I know some of you want details of Harper's heart defect and I promise you will get them. Just not today. I have tried to post about it a few times and I'm not able to do it yet. But for those who "must know now" please go to the American Heart Association Website and search for AV Canal Defect. 

Harper has designer genes.  She has 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. Most of you know that I always like  a "little extra." And apparently so does Miss Harper. I was scoping out a blog this morning, A Perfect Lily and I found that Patti had posted a quote that resonated with me instantly (maybe it was the author :)): 

"Our children arrived exactly as they were designed. There was no mistake here. They are a direct and unmistakable gift from God. He has given us children capable of copious amounts of unconditional love because we haven't been open to receiving the more indirect ways He's been showering it on us for the previous years of our lives." ~Courtney Heigele

And as I sit here and write this I am listening to a little stuffy-nosed girl who is trying to sleep: 

Despite the stuffy-nose she constantly tells me that she is ok! 

Here are a few more iPhone pictures to make you smile!


Patti said...

oh my goodness, happy tears here- she is GORGEOUS!!! I'm so excited ! I'm sitting here with Miss Lily on my lap, and she's smiling at your beautiful baby girl:) I LOVE your blog header- Harper is so adorable- you have so much to look forward to, Kaiti!

Patti said...

p.s. sent Lily's readers your way...some are telling me your blog is private or they can't post comments? hope you can tweak your setting, lots of people want to see the gorgeous Harper!

Kaiti said...

OH thanks Patti I'll play with it right now!

Deanna said...

congrats!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Glad to have you join the designer gene mommy club. (-:

Heather said...

Well HELLO Miss Harper! :) You are totally gorgeous! Yay for sweet little snuggly newborns...woowwww.

BTW - another gorgeous Harper with designer genes is at .

Heidi Ehle said...

Our daughter just recently had OHS for a complete AV canal defect. If you ever need a cheerleader, feel free to look me up. If you ever feel like you are the only one who worries, check out some of my blog posts that came before July 14th. I was a little obsessive, too. Not about her heart failing. I knew her too well to worry about that. She was healthy as could be except for that stinkin' heart. My obsession was heart surgery. I worried...and worried...and worried. And I know this doesn't help to hear now, but I can tell you that ALL that worry was for nothing. :) She's great!
Your girl is so gorgeous by the way!
Welcome to the family!

KateY Johnston said...

I love that little hand shot ;)