Monday, September 26, 2011

Google Chrome Commercial

It may be me and my post-pregnancy hormones but commercials are making me cry. Scratch that...bawl. This commercial came on during football yesterday and Andy and I both watched it. I was dreaded the end of the commercial because I knew Andy was going to turn around, look at me, and laugh. He knows by now that I am crying at the drop of a hat. Ok, let me get honest, I have always been a crier. But not typically at commercials! So if you haven't seen this commercial yet...again get the Kleenex. (this means you Megan and Susie!)

Look for a post tomorrow celebrating Miss Harper's 1 month birthday (and my mom's birthday, not sure she will let me tell her age!) Until then I want to hear your reaction to this commercial!


kluzinski said...

LOVE IT! No tears...but my baby is almost 11 months old :)

Mama Bird said...

OMG, yes, teary eyes. She is such a beautiful little girl and what a loving dad! Sully is 10 months and I am still crying at commercials!

cassie said...

I cried when I saw it too!! I thought it was one of the cutesy commercials I've seen in a really long time!!