Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Last Spring I was eagerly anticipating the day we would find out if our little bundle of joy was a girl or boy. A pink or blue nursery, hair bows or bow ties. This year, well we know how the year unfolded. Last year at Easter I was oblivious to Down syndrome, AV Canal Defect, and Open Heart Surgery.

This Spring I've enjoyed my little girl who happens to have Ds, she had Open Heart Surgery to repair her AV Canal Defect. And enjoy her I will!

This Spring and Easter we celebrate and LIVE.

Cue the cute dresses and hair bows...

Easter means a day spent at The Wards. Or Uncle Ralph and Auntie Susie's. Two of the coolest people I know. Uncle Ralph is dreamy in his flannel and pipe (right Dajen?) and Auntie Susie (Sue to most Susie to me) well she is down to earth, fun, sassy, and the WORST Taboo player EVER! 

They own a ridiculous amount of land....pond, trails, hunting dogs, sheds, garages, golf carts, and a tee pee. Yep, a tee pee. 

Besides the obvious choice of building a tee pee, what is this land good for? The annual Easter Egg Hunt! I kid you not, Susie takes the golf cart out and throws eggs for the kiddos to find. After we eat, we commence on a good 20 minute walk around the garage, through the woods, and around the pond to collect all of the eggs. Do kids fall? Yep. Do they cry? You betcha. But they get up, dust themselves off because around the next corner is another trail full of eggs. 

Yep, that's an Easter pinata you spy. Didn't you know that Easter now includes pinatas?!

This year I left our Easter celebration with a sleepy baby girl from her first Easter Egg Hunt and memories that I will never forget. Oh yeah, and the promise that next year Uncle Ralph and Dajen will throw tomahawks and my girl running with the big kids to get those eggs!

Happy Easter! 

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Chromosomally Enhanced said...

sounds like this year was perfection!! congratulations to many more happy perfect holidays! smiles