Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changing the world....one page at a time

Life has definitely gotten the best of me lately. Andy was out of town for  long long 12 days. And has since been reunited with his favorite lady....the crazy hair lady.

I held my own in Andy's absence. I had some help from my mom (thanks mom) but I definitely have a new find respect for all single moms. You guys rock! 

The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, both at work and at home. I've been taking on more than I can chew and my emotions have gotten the best of me. I haven't even blogged about World Down Syndrome Day and the fun I had. 

It was a real event for a real cause. Man, when did I turn into a grown up? My friend Tara was my date (remember Andy was gone for 12 days) and we tried our best to bring out our inner Kelle Hampton's. Or as we now call her, KH. We try to take artsy instagram photos (only to later delete) and force ourselves to mingle. We have not reached KH status yet, but we are on our way. 

Hard to see but H is the first pic in the upper left hand side.

I've often said that I don't think about Down syndrome very often. I swear, it's the truth. Since WDSD, I haven't had time to think about it. Until today. Besides mentioning her above, I've mentioned her in the past but Kelle Hampton is a rockstar in the blogger and Ds world. I want to move to FL to be her friend. Hell, I'd settle for a message back on Facebook or Instagram. I have a serious. mama. crush. Not that she would ever read this but I feel obligated to say, "Kelle, I am not a stalker. I just want to be you. I promise I won't hurt you. Promise." 

This brings me back to Down syndrome. Man, it's cool. Seriously, who even cares? I mean look at this girl? She is rocking skinny jeans and a long sweater. 

She is one cool chick who happens to have Down syndrome. Kelle Hampton is one cool chick who happens to have a daughter with Down syndrome. And wrote a book about it that came out today. I pre-ordered because I'm a fan/dork like that. 

Inside cover...I mean c'mon!

I have not been paid to talk about this book (Kelle has not bribed me but she could and I'd do it). I feel obligated as a mother to a daughter who has Down syndrome and a mother in general to pimp this book out. Honestly, I haven't read one full page. I'm terrified of the tears. They have been on the cusp of appearing for 12 days now and this book will open the flood gates. But, I'll do it for KH but most of all Harper.

This book will show the world how awesome Down syndrome is and how normal life is. Pick it up for a good read, a tear jerker and the ad proceeds go to that National Down Syndrome Society. 

I don't think about Down syndrome every day but the reality is that Harper does have Down syndrome and by buying or reading this one book, you are helping her life and the life of her brothers and sisters who also rock designer genes. I don't have to followers that Kelle has and I never will. That's alright. I have 59 on Google (thanks guys) and countless on Facebook. If I have reach even 1 of you to open your heart and embrace children with different abilities then I have done my job. 

Thanks KH for the inspiration, thanks Tara for being a blubbering mess with me, and thanks to H for making me stop and open my eyes.

I have Down syndrome....and I love it! 

Happy Bday Auntie Dajen! 


Mama Bird said...

Love, you are awesome:) H is a very lucky little chick (get it, chick for Easter?). Yeah, I am a dork, too.

Jen said...

Love you guys soo much!!!!!! Love that Miss H is rockin skinny jeans!! (Wish i could), lol. Your cousin, Jen

Marci said...

I pre-ordered a copy of the book on my Nook when it was first available for pre-order. :)
I love reading her blog! She just has such a way with words!

And BTW, Harper is getting so big! And still adorable!