Sunday, March 11, 2012

Regrouping and happiness

This weekend was about regrouping. Just Andy and the Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells. Me, Andy, the Kalahari, and two monster drinks. Yep, monster.

I was lame and had the bartender add more Sprite in mine. 

It was a simple weekend, a fun weekend, and a much needed weekend to regroup.

This was my first weekend without Harper and man did I miss her! I was reminded of her every time we passed a giraffe at the hotel and when we passed by the cutest girl who had to be around 4 who had Down syndrome but had the cutest long brown pigtails! I just wanted to stop and squeeze her but thought I'd be arrested or slugged by her mother!

The happiness I felt while passing that little girl was genuine. I don't know her or her mother but I know them. I hope that her mom has had the same support and love that I have felt in the past 6 months. I hope she knows what a blessing her daughter is and how she is helping change the world.

World Down Syndrome Day is approaching. March 21st to be exact. There is a fantastic video that you can see here that the International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life created. I had every intention to participate but life got in the way (I really need to get it together). I have only watched this once because I cried. While I cried Harper laughed at me. So, I know it's a good video. This video means the world me to not only because I recognize a few friendly faces but because I recognize what it stands far and what each parent  has felt.

Take a second to watch the video but in the meantime here are a few pics from the past week.

Which of these things does not belong?

Can't leave the girl alone now. 

Loving my yellow shoes and hanneling Kelle Hampton. 


Shannon said...

O I know that exact feeling you got when you saw that cute little girl. I get this like little kid excitement and want to hug them :) So jealous of your weekend away!

Holly. said...

Glad that you had a good weekend get-away! Those drinks look amazing (I guess ALL drinks look amazing right now...bring on August!!) Off to watch the video!