Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blog friends are real friends too

My blog friend Patti has been posting a series of posts regarding prenatal tests done in the first trimester of pregnancy to detect Down syndrome. She is a wise woman that Patti (and also preggers with baby number 11).  Recently she had a request for us mama's to share some words regarding our experience and asked for pictures of our babies/kids. Of course I wanted to help!

You can find Patti's post here. And you can see a pic of Miss Harper Alice.....she is going to be famous one day I swear!

Take a minute to read Patti's posts on the prenatal testing. I have many thoughts on these tests, but sadly, I struggling with finding time to write them down to share.

This is a short post because the hubby is whisking me away to Wisconsin Dells for the weekend and grandma and grandpa will be here any minute to watch the monkey for the night!

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