Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Down Syndrome Diagnosis

I have been vocal in the past about how supportive our doctors were after Harper's diagnosis was revealed. We were given our options, we made our decision and everyone moved on. We were NEVER pushed to terminate but we were given that option. We were NEVER ridiculed for keeping Harper and we were NEVER made to feel that Harper was not going to be well taken care of after she was born. As a matter of fact, it was the opposite. Every person (ok minus one pain in the ass doctor) was supportive and excited to meet the little muffin.

Barely bigger than the sub

I like to think that part of this is because we have evolved as a society (I said, I like to think) but I also firmly believe two other things. One, Andy and I accepted it and were excited. Our acceptance rubbed off on others. If we would have been miserable....everyone would have been miserable. And two, we live in a very liberal city. Madison, WI. My favorite place on earth. The Madison Area Down Syndrome Society was wonderful and still is. Each nurse or doctor had a personal friend that, if we wanted, they would connect us to.

Once we were ready to move on, we were immediately bombarded with support. It was amazing and not pushy and they let us take our time. They wanted, in the long run, for me to delivery a healthy baby girl. Their main concern was her heart....not Down syndrome.

I think she's doing alright

The reason I am talking about this now? Harper and I were able to help a friend out and talk about our story. I have talked about Patti and Lily before and I'll do it again. Read her story here and see little Miss H and read a snipit of my story.

What has H been up to? Ahh just a whole lot of sweet potatoes!


Beth said...

Such a beautiful baby and so inspiring.

Anastasia said...

She is adorable! I am so glad she is thriving. (and bigger then a sandwich now :) I am a late lovebomber and am sending you guys my love, delayed style.