Monday, November 12, 2012

Blessed and help needed

It was about this time last year that I started praying. I took a break from it for quite a number of years. But love and the fear of losing someone that means the world to you makes you change as a person and start grasping at anything that could potential make the situation better.

My prayers and your prayers delivered. Harper soared through her surgery and her recovery. She was crowned our fighter and champion.

I haven't stopped praying. I don't go to church like I did last year before her surgery, but I don't feel required to attend to be heard.

My birthday, November 4th, marked Harper's 10 month post op from open heart surgery. More proof that she is meant to be with us.

I know I haven't posted regularly in quite sometime and I am working on mending that. I haven't seen the comments as I did a year ago. But I know you, my readers, are still there. I see the traffic and am well aware that I still have a captive audience.

I am asking a favor. You pulled through for us many times but now it's time to pay it forward and help out another baby girl in need.


Juliet is over a month old. She has surpassed all expectations. But she has started to struggle. She is now on oxygen 24/7 and without it turns blue. I have linked up to Allie's blog before but the need is stronger today than ever before. You can find it here.


This family is in my thoughts on a daily basis. Harper and I talk about Juliet quite often. 

As before, please read Allie's blog and leave a comment. I know it will warm her heart and hopefully ease the stress and pain. 


SKTwomey said...

Love your posts, Kaiti. Prayers are on the way for Juliet! xoxo

Marci said...

Still here - Still praying for that sweet baby and her family as well.

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing...praying for that sweet baby and her family too