Friday, January 3, 2014

Two years ago...

Two years ago today was a hard day, we were preparing for Harper's open heart surgery. I remember that day  like it was yesterday. I remember our pre-op appointments were terrifying. The lab techs couldn't find a vein to get enough blood work so they sent us home. Hours later the hospital called and told us we HAD to have blood done so we went back in. Tears streaming down my face. It was terrible lead up for what the real procedure was about.

I remember what Harper wore that day. I remember cuddling with her when we got home. I remember crying. I remember not being able to cry enough. I remember my friend Kristin coming to my house to hand deliver me a necklace that brought us so much luck. I remember taking a shower so I could fall to my knees to cry and pray. 

Just like last year, I took Harper (and this year Brooks) to visit the PICU staff at AFCH. We brought them a basket of goodies to show our appreciation. We even got to see one of the nurses that helped take care of her. It was great to show our love and appreciation to the many who helped take care of our baby. 

We were lucky that Harper recovered so quickly. We have been lucky that we haven't been back to be admitted. Many kids with Ds are frequent visitors to their local children hospitals and (knock on wood) we have avoided it. 

Tomorrow we will celebrate. Between diaper changes, bottle feedings, and a crazy 2 year old screaming at me. But by gosh, I will make time to hold H a little tighter. 

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Mama Bird said...

That seems like a million years ago. But I am sure you remember it like it was yesterday. So happy that is behind all of you!