Friday, October 18, 2013

A friend needs help...

This spring/early summer Harper was feeling yucky. We had taken her to the ER on a Sunday and they said nothing was wrong with her. Well I didn't agree. To make a long story short, my mom watched Harper the next day and we ended up taking her back to the ER. I told Andy to stay at work because they would probably just give her an IV and send her home. Well, an IV turned into blood work which lead to confusing results. We were told that her white blood cells and platelets were low so they ran more tests. I already knew that kids with Ds are more prone to Leukemia but this was a big slap in the face. They ran more tests and we were told if they came back abnormal that we would be admitted ASAP. Our luck, they came back half abnormal so it was our choice to be admitted or not. We chose to go home. Scary for us but not the point of this post. 

I can talk about my feelings and emotions at the time but I don't think I have to. The first thing I did was  message my friend Becky. Becky's daughter, Tessa, is only 15 days older than Harper and they live in our area. We've met a few times  and MADSS events. This year, Tessa was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS, formerly known as preleukemia). I felt awful venting to her about the possibility of Harper having Leukemia when her daughter was living it. But Becky helped calm me. All from a Facebook message. 

Harper's tests were read from a specialty doctor the next morning and she was cleared. It was a nasty virus taken over her system. Not Leukemia. But this post isn't about Harper. It's about Tessa. 

Today when I got home from work I was scrolling through IG and saw a picture of Tessa at the hospital.......Tessa's preleukemia has officially turned into Leukemia. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning for her central line placement as well as a platelet transfusion. She needs prayers. Her mom, dad, big brother, and little sister need prayers. Tessa is a fun, loving, on the go two year old who shouldn't be spending her time in 
a hospital. 

Look at how sweet and sassy Tessa is. This could have, and still could, be Harper. While kids with Ds have a better chance of fighting off Leukemia, it's not something any child should go through. 

I'm squeezing Harper tighter tonight. 

Neither one of them wanted to cooperate

Go Tessa GO!

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Anonymous said...

My heart and my thoughts are with both of these gorgeous little girls x