Monday, August 6, 2012

Life as we know it

Thank you for all of the support you gave my friend Allison. I checked up on you and you guys left her some amazing and encouraging comments. You made my heart sing. Thank you for helping a complete stranger. I know she appreciates it. And I will keep you updated on her as often as I can.

Time to change topics.....

Times flies when you are having fun. Or having lots of stress. Someone asked me recently what I do for fun. Hmm, drink. I was sarcastic. Kinda. I have been so occupied with selling the house, buying a house, moving, new(ish) job, teething Harper, and everything else life has to offer that I don't have time for fun.

Occasionally, I'll get together with a girlfriend. But I spend my nights drinking wine (I swear I don't have a problem), decorating the house, and texting my friend Tara my hilarious  daily occurrences with 100 children in one building. In turn she texts back how fabulous her Monday's off were. She sucks.

Some may tell me that this isn't fun or a hobby. And to that I say: too bad. I have painted the majority of this new house, hung pictures, organized, and painted furniture. That is my fun. I like projects. Ok I LOVE home projects. I may bitch and complain while I'm doing them but I crave the final product.

Here are a few I have been meaning to share with you. ENJOY!

Just a taste of what I have been working on. The table, chairs, and china hutch were my Nonna's. My parents were gracious enough to drive down to IL and bring them to me. I'm sure my Aunt Sharon was happy to get them out of her garage! Thanks Uncle Dan for the truck!

Some things that Harper has been up to:


Molly Kennedy-Kurth said...

K -
Few things...I love home projects and love your excitement for them too. It is a hobby. So is non-problem night drinking :) Great job and I love the update before/after pics. Second, I love your daughter. Harper is super beautiful and I'd like to hug her (as I do most babies I see - it's almost like they are magnets to my heart). Third, H and F have very similar wardrobes. I've tried to stay away from shopping for her lately unless it's on consignment. I went to Target yesterday...BIG mistake. Holy man - have you seen the fall line? Ugh I almost died. I left with no clothing for her. It was hard. Thanks for blogging your life. x0.

stickfgr21 said...

Your nonna would be very pleased to see her dining room in your beautiful place! Love the white. I am very delighted to have all those pieces in a happy home!