Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yep, it's me. I promise. I have had many twinges of guilt in the last month for not blogging more often but then I looked at my house and decided it was ok and that you would forgive me. Right? What if I bribe you with pics of Harper?

Besides the house we have been through a crazy couple weeks. Andy has been in Waco, Texas for the last week and a half. Normally, this isn't a big deal; however, Harper has begun teething. Cue the long nights, difficult time getting her to bed, and crabby fussy girl who doesn't like to eat. Yep, it's fun.

The house is coming along nicely. I'll have an entire post dedicated to before and afters. I'm getting my designer on and I'm loving it!

I guarantee some more substantial posts soon. There have been many things happening in the Ds community and I have to get caught up!

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